Angel Mikaeel summoned to court for Karachi Rains

DG traffic police appeared in front of the 2 person benchy ( small bench) of the supreme court to answer questions about the traffic nightmare caused by the recent rains in Karachi. Justice Rana Bhagwandas, who heads this bench, was perticularly incensed that the rains had havoced his earlier good work. And he wanted to know who was responsible. DG traffic opined that the rainstorm was an aasmani aafat and the arc-angel Mikaeel was responsible for rains. Mikaeel is said to possess the portfolio of sustinence and as such is responsible for the movements of celestial bodies and weather.

Justice Bhagwandas adjourned the court till monday, the 27th of august, but not before issuing an order for arch angel mikaeel to appear before the court.


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