Wasi (Khassi) Zafar is a Dunger

The rest of the mediaseems hung up on the latest incident of foul speech emanating from the mouth of the minister for turning law on its head. We are just as disturbed by such utterances from Chaudhry Khassi Zafar and sent Alibhae Cheeta to investigate the causes of such foul oral discharge. Turns out, Chaudhry Khassi Zafar was delivered at the hands of a Veterinarian originally called in to deliver a calf from a neighbours cow on the same day. Thus his Dunger like behavior.


5 thoughts on “Wasi (Khassi) Zafar is a Dunger

  1. Crudely insensitive person with a bloated personality, can best describe Wasi Zafar. Shame on us for accepting such a person as law minister.

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